Recent arXiv papers – University of Copenhagen

The following papers have been automatically retrieved from the arXiv. This list is not guaranteed to be accurate nor complete.

12 Jul, 20181807.04588The Subleading Eikonal in Supergravity TheoriesArnau Koemans Collado, Paolo Di Vecchia, Rodolfo Russo, Steven Thomas
18 Jun, 20181806.07265Spectral curves for hypergeometric Hurwitz numbersJan Ambjørn, Leonid O. Chekhov
15 Jun, 20181806.06051Positivity of hexagon perturbation theoryBurkhard Eden, Yunfeng Jiang, Marius de Leeuw, Tim Meier, Dennis le Plat, Alessandro Sfondrini
13 Jun, 20181806.05249Observational Signature of Near-extremal Kerr-MOG Black Hole at the Event Horizon TelescopeMinyong Guo, Niels A. Obers, Haopeng Yan
13 Jun, 20181806.04920General Relativity from Scattering AmplitudesN. E. J. Bjerrum-Bohr, Poul H. Damgaard, Guido Festuccia, Ludovic Planté, Pierre Vanhove
25 May, 20181805.10281Rationalizing Loop IntegrationJacob L. Bourjaily, Andrew J. McLeod, Matt von Hippel, Matthias Wilhelm
23 May, 20181805.09326Traintracks Through Calabi-Yaus: Amplitudes Beyond Elliptic PolylogarithmsJacob L. Bourjaily, Yang-Hui He, Andrew J. McLeod, Matt von Hippel, Matthias Wilhelm
20 Apr, 20181804.07792S-duality in lattice super Yang-MillsJoel Giedt, Simon Catterall, Poul Damgaard, David Schaich
20 Apr, 20181804.09025Renormalizing SpacetimeD. N. Coumbe
16 Apr, 20181804.05846On the existence of the Blandford-Znajek monopole for a slowly rotating Kerr black holeGianluca Grignani, Troels Harmark, Marta Orselli
12 Mar, 20181803.04416The Hagedorn temperature of AdS5/CFT4 at finite coupling via the Quantum Spectral CurveTroels Harmark, Matthias Wilhelm
28 Feb, 20181802.10434The phase structure of Causal Dynamical Triangulations with toroidal spatial topologyJan Ambjørn, Jakub Gizbert-Studnicki, Andrzej Görlich, Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Dániel Németh
7 Feb, 20181802.02524Subleading Regge limit from a soft anomalous dimensionRobin Brüser, Simon Caron-Huot, Johannes M. Henn
5 Feb, 20181802.01598Scalar one-point functions and matrix product states of AdS/dCFTMarius de Leeuw, Charlotte Kristjansen, Georgios Linardopoulos
26 Dec, 20171712.09364Extremal Black Hole HorizonsJay Armas, Troels Harmark, Niels A. Obers
15 Dec, 20171712.05794Zooming in on AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ near a BPS BoundJelle Hartong, Yang Lei, Niels A. Obers, Gerben Oling
11 Dec, 20171712.03980Homogeneous Nonrelativistic Geometries as Coset SpacesKevin T. Grosvenor, Jelle Hartong, Cynthia Keeler, Niels A. Obers
11 Dec, 20171712.03879Perturbed generalized multicritical one-matrix modelsJ. Ambjorn, L. Chekhov, Y. Makeenko
7 Dec, 20171712.02785The Elliptic Double-Box Integral: Massless Amplitudes Beyond PolylogarithmsJacob L. Bourjaily, Andrew J. McLeod, Marcus Spradlin, Matt von Hippel, Matthias Wilhelm
22 Nov, 20171711.08441Reconstruction of a direction-dependent primordial power spectrum from Planck CMB dataAmel Durakovic, Paul Hunt, Suvodip Mukherjee, Subir Sarkar, Tarun Souradeep