IGST Copenhagen Conference 20-24 august 2018 – University of Copenhagen

24 August 2018

IGST Copenhagen Conference 20-24 august 2018

IGST 2018 conference:

The IGST 2018 conference is up and running in the Festauditorium at the Faculty, Bülowsvej 17 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen - and is counting close to 140 participants. It's the theoretical high energy and cosmology group who's hosting this years edition of the IGST conference, IGST 2018, where IGST stands for Integrability in Gauge and String Theory.

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We have heard about traversable worm holes in from Juan Maldacena from IAS Princeton and about the so-called conformal bootstrap program from Fernando Alday from Oxford University, Leonardo Rastelli from Stony Brook and others.  This afternoon (thursday) we will learn about complexity in Quantum Field Theory from Johanna Erdmenger from Würzburg and in the evening the participants will enjoy a conference dinner in Tivoli.

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The IGST2018 conference is continuing with its last day of talks after a joyful dinner last evening  at the aquarium in Tivoli.  Today, among others  we will listen to Yunfeng Jiang from ETH, Zürich and from the youngest speaker of the conference Lucia Gomez Cordova from the Perimeter Institute. We are already looking forward to next years edition of the conference, IGST2019, which will take place at NORDITA in Stockholm and be hosted by Konstantin Zarembo.

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