HET- seminar: Marjorie Schillo – University of Copenhagen

HET- seminar: Marjorie Schillo

Speaker:  Marjorie Schillo

Title: Dimensional regularization for holographic RG flow

Abstract: I will present a holographic dimensional regularization procedure for asymptotically AdS spacetimes which corresponds to dimensional regularization in the boundary field theory. This constitutes the only instance of a holographic renormalization procedure with a precisely known boundary renormalization scheme dual. This allows a precision treatment of holographic RG flows, including the previously troublesome case of a deformation by a marginal operator.  This scheme allow for a new understanding of the relation between UV renormalization and the resolution of IR divergences via non-perturbative effects. Finally, careful examination of supersymmetric RG flows using this technique suggests a “swamplandish” conjecture; we propose that in any well-defined bottom-up holographic model the potential must be tuned such that there is no conformal anomaly in the UV.