HET seminar: Stephane Detournay – University of Copenhagen

HET seminar: Stephane Detournay

Speaker: Stephane Detournay

Title: A simple dual for Warped CFT Thermodynamics


Warped Conformal Field Theories are a novel class of two-dimensional field theories exhibiting an infinite-dimensional symmetry but no conformal nor Lorentz symmetry. Having initially appeared in a holographic context as a description of three-dimensional Warped anti-de Sitter spaces, they have been studied from a purely field-theoretic point of view in a series of works. Recently a very simple holographic model for Warped CFTs has been proposed by Hofman and Rollier consisting in a Lower Spin Chern-Simons theory.
In the talk, I will review some of the above, and discuss a recent work done in collaboration with Tatsuo Azeyanagi and Max Riegler in which we analyzed the thermal properties of this model, and showed they reproduce the expected behaviour of a Warped CFT at finite temperature.