HET seminar: Franz Herzog – University of Copenhagen

HET seminar: Franz Herzog

Speaker: Franz Herzog

Title: The R*-method, or how to simplify the calculation of anomalous dimensions


The R*-operation is a generalisation of the BPHZ renormalisation scheme, which allows for the subtraction of 
both ultraviolet and infrared divergences of Euclidean Feynman Integrals. In particular, R* enables one to extract 
the anomalous dimensions of arbitrary n-point L-loop correlators from (L-1)-loop self-energy correlators. 
I will explain the method and present several results which were obtained with this approach at 5-loops; such as
the beta-function in Yang-Mills theory and the hadronic decay width of the Higgs boson in massless QCD. I will further 
describe an ongoing effort to implement the method into an automated framework, allowing for the calculation of 
anomalous dimensions of arbitrary local QFT operators.