Getting to Niels Bohr Institute – University of Copenhagen

The Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology group at the Niels Bohr Institute is housed on the upper floors of the F-building (above the canteen) at Blegdamsvej 17, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Travelling from the Airport

  • By Taxi: Taxi to the area costs about DKK 350 (€ 47), while dropping off downtown costs  about DKK 250 (€ 34). The tip is included in the price.
  • By Public Transportation: The easiest way to get to the Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej by public transportation is by metro to Nørreport Station (runs every 4-6 min – traveling time about 15 min), and then by bus from Nørreport Station. You'll find ticket-automats at the metro station and at the DSB (train station) counter at Terminal 3. The metro station is located at the end of Terminal 3. You need a three-zone ticket, price: DKK 36 (€ 4.80). The ticket is valid on the metro or train as well as on the bus for 1.5 hours.  

If you are going downtown first, you can take bus no. 250 (express), or any train that goes to the main train station (KBH H), or bus no. 12 to the City Hall (Rådhus). Use the ticket-automat, or buy a three-zone ticket on the bus; price: DKK 36 (€ 4.80). Remember that tickets are valid on the train, metro and bus.

Traveling from Downtown/Nørreport

By Taxi: From downtown to DARK it costs about DKK 90 (€12). Vacant cabs carry a sign with the word FRI (free) on display. Upon completion of your ride, cab drivers can provide you with a receipt upon request. Credit cards are welcomed in most taxis, but you should ask when you get in. Most cabbies understand English.

By public transportation: Bus no. 150S, 184, 42 from Nørreport Station going north/west. The Institute at Blegdamsvej 17 is very close to the bus stop. 

You need a three-zone ticket (36 DKK - € 4.80) from the airport, or a two-zone ticket (24 DKK - € 3.20) to the institute from Nørreport. There are ticket-automats at all subways and train stations. Tickets can also be bought from the bus driver. Two-zone and three-zone tickets lasts for 30 minutes per zone (three zones = 1.5 hours).

Danish cash

A bank service is available in the baggage claim area and to the left when you exit customs in Terminal 3. There are also cash withdrawal machines (ATMS) there, and on the street (outside of banks) in many places in Downtown Copenhagen; look for a sign that says KONTANT (cash). Furthermore, there are other cash exchange services downtown. Banks close at 4 PM. Here are the latest exchange rates >>