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The following papers have been automatically retrieved from the arXiv. This list is not guaranteed to be accurate nor complete.

26 Dec, 20171712.09364Extremal Black Hole HorizonsJay Armas, Troels Harmark, Niels A. Obers
15 Dec, 20171712.05794Zooming in on AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ near a BPS BoundJelle Hartong, Yang Lei, Niels A. Obers, Gerben Oling
11 Dec, 20171712.03980Homogeneous Nonrelativistic Geometries as Coset SpacesKevin T. Grosvenor, Jelle Hartong, Cynthia Keeler, Niels A. Obers
11 Dec, 20171712.03879Perturbed generalized multicritical one-matrix modelsJ. Ambjorn, L. Chekhov, Y. Makeenko
7 Dec, 20171712.02785The Elliptic Double-Box IntegralJacob L. Bourjaily, Andrew J. McLeod, Marcus Spradlin, Matt von Hippel, Matthias Wilhelm
13 Nov, 20171711.04850Infrared singularities of QCD scattering amplitudes in the Regge limit to all ordersSimon Caron-Huot, Einan Gardi, Joscha Reichel, Leonardo Vernazza
6 Nov, 20171711.02031Gravitational S-matrix from CFT dispersion relationsLuis F. Alday, Simon Caron-Huot
18 Oct, 20171710.06885Hydrodynamic Modes of Homogeneous and Isotropic FluidsJan de Boer, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers, Watse Sybesma, Stefan Vandoren
12 Oct, 20171710.04708Perfect FluidsJan de Boer, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers, Watse Sybesma, Stefan Vandoren
10 Oct, 20171710.03562The Flowing BIonGianluca Grignani, Troels Harmark, Callum Kift, Andrea Marini, Marta Orselli
5 Oct, 20171710.02071Reality from maximizing overlap in the future-included theoriesKeiichi Nagao, Holger Bech Nielsen
28 Sep, 20171709.10179Complex action suggests future-included theoryKeiichi Nagao, Holger Bech Nielsen
19 Sep, 20171709.06497A modified Friedmann equationJ. Ambjorn, Y. Watabiki
12 Sep, 20171709.04042Winding of simple walks on the square latticeTimothy Budd
4 Sep, 20171709.00995The use of Pauli-Villars' regularization in string theoryJ. Ambjorn, Y. Makeenko
3 Sep, 20171709.00731Spontaneous $CP$ breaking in QCD and the axion potential: an effective Lagrangian approachPaolo Di Vecchia, Giancarlo Rossi, Gabriele Veneziano, Shimon Yankielowicz
8 Aug, 20171708.02525Introduction to Integrability and One-point Functions in $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM and its Defect CousinM. de Leeuw, A. C. Ipsen, C. Kristjansen, M. Wilhelm
19 Jul, 20171707.06245Tweaking one-loop determinants in AdS$_3$Alejandra Castro, Cynthia Keeler, Phillip Szepietowski
7 Jul, 20171707.02003Infinite families of 2-designs from GA_1(q) actionsHao Liu, Cunsheng Ding
6 Jul, 20171707.02231Black holes in massive gravity as heat enginesS. H. Hendi, B. Eslam Panah, S. Panahiyan, H. Liu, X. -H. Meng
9 Jun, 20171706.03074The Hagedorn temperature of AdS5/CFT4 via integrabilityTroels Harmark, Matthias Wilhelm
9 Jun, 20171706.02961The B-field soft theorem and its unification with the graviton and dilatonPaolo Di Vecchia, Raffaele Marotta, Matin Mojaza
22 May, 20171705.07653Four-dimensional CDT with toroidal topologyJan Ambjørn, Jakub Gizbert-Studnicki, Andrzej Görlich, Kevin Grosvenor, Jerzy Jurkiewicz
17 May, 20171705.06175Double-soft behavior of the dilaton of spontaneously broken conformal invariancePaolo Di Vecchia, Raffaele Marotta, Matin Mojaza
12 May, 20171705.04701Nonrelativistic Yang-Mills Theory for a Naturally Light Higgs BosonLaure Berthier, Kevin T. Grosvenor, Ziqi Yan
10 May, 20171705.03898Two-point functions in AdS/dCFT and the boundary conformal bootstrap equationsMarius de Leeuw, Asger C. Ipsen, Charlotte Kristjansen, Kasper E. Vardinghus, Matthias Wilhelm
9 May, 20171705.03535Non-Relativistic Strings and Limits of the AdS/CFT CorrespondenceTroels Harmark, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers
5 May, 20171705.02055Estimate of a non-helical electroweak primordial bootstrap field todayPoul Olesen
4 May, 20171705.01739Novel String Field Theory with also Negative Energy Constituents/Objects gives Veneziano AmplitudeHolger Bech Nielsen, Masao Ninomiya
3 May, 20171705.01585Reality from maximizing overlap in the future-included real action theoryKeiichi Nagao, Holger Bech Nielsen
27 Apr, 20171704.08453Dark Energy Density in SUGRA models and degenerate vacuaC. D. Froggatt, H. B. Nielsen, R. Nevzorov, A. W. Thomas
24 Apr, 20171704.07386Asymptotic one-point functions in AdS/dCFTIsak Buhl-Mortensen, Marius de Leeuw, Asger C. Ipsen, Charlotte Kristjansen, Matthias Wilhelm
18 Apr, 20171704.05460Prescriptive UnitarityJacob L. Bourjaily, Enrico Herrmann, Jaroslav Trnka
14 Apr, 20171704.04373New higher-order transition in causal dynamical triangulationsJ. Ambjorn, D. Coumbe, J. Gizbert-Studnicki, A. Gorlich, J. Jurkiewicz
13 Apr, 20171704.04255Maximal Cuts in Arbitrary DimensionJorrit Bosma, Mads Sogaard, Yang Zhang